Owning a dog in today’s world is a big responsibility, but luckily, it’s still a lot of fun. Between feeding your fury friend, giving him enough attention, and making sure his coat is on-point, there’s always plenty to do with a canine in the house. It can be a lot of work to properly take care of such a high-spirited animal, but the rewards of dog ownership are often ten-fold.

We know what it’s like to prefer dogs over people (sort of). After all, canines have a complex personality and make the perfect companion, with a breed available for almost any lifestyle. They’re cute, cuddly, and worthy of the love they receive in return. Often regarded as members of the family, dogs play a huge role in our lives. It’s time we started treating them like it.

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate pet lovers who have joined together to bring dog owners a fun and enlightening platform that’s all about man’s best friend. Our blogs and articles are designed to educate and excite canine enthusiasts with compelling information, well-researched data, and highly sought-after content. Serving as the premier hub for hounds, Barky-Dog.com takes a candid look at the life of modern-day dog parents and provides them with entertainment they can actually use.

Our staff are dedicated to consistently producing the most relevant and relatable material pertaining to canines and pet ownership. We understand the joys, the challenges, the headaches and the worries that come with taking care of your pup. Whether you need information, support, entertainment, or inspiration, this site is your one-stop shop.

Here, you’ll find carefully curated literature, pictures and videos designed to help dog lovers get more enjoyment from pet ownership (if that’s even possible). We cover everything from names and games to product reviews and pet-related news. As canine owners ourselves, we’re all about empowering readers and inspiring people to live the most fulfilling live with their pets.

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Home of the famous Canine Cellmates program and boasting posh dog salons, luxurious boarding houses, and some of the best training academies in the country, Atlanta, Georgia is quickly becoming Puppy Central. This beautifully diverse, dog-adoring city is our home, because we love being in the middle of the action and this is where it’s at.

What We Do

Working tirelessly to bring you the best ideas, the latest news, and the most useful dog-related content on the internet, our site features the things all modern-day dog owners want and need. Presented on an attractive, easy-to-use platform, our content is carefully organized to save you time. After all, Fluffy can’t play fetch by himself (unless you have one of those automatic ball launchers, but we digress).

Stay tuned for articles and posts on the following topics:

  • Pet Product Reviews

Before you buy anything for Fido, find out what our professional reviewers have to say. We scrutinize everything from dog foods, collars and kennels to flea medications, bedding, and toys.

  • Grooming Tips

Keep your canine happy, healthy and handsome with the latest pet grooming tips. We gather the most popular tricks and techniques to make it easier. We also show you the trendiest swag so Rover can stay dressed to impress.

  • Behavioral Issue Solutions

When pups misbehave it can be very disheartening. You don’t want to be too harsh but you need an effective solution. We’ve got updated expert advice to help you put a stop to Benji’s behavioral problems once and for all.

  • Common Pet Ownership Problems

Owning a dog is a huge undertaking, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a headache. Tackle the basics of pet ownership and live harmoniously with your pooch.

  • Breed Guide

Certain breeds are more susceptible to disease than others. Some are easy to train and some require extra effort. Understand the various breed-specific characteristics of your dog so you can provide high-quality care and a loving home.

Giving your fur person a fitting name isn’t as simple as it sounds. We have creative ideas that will help you decide what your new friend should be called.

  • Nutrition Advice

Well-fed dogs tend to live longer, happier lives. Diet considerations should be based on several factors. We show you how to determine the food your canine should eat and give you nutritional guidelines to make mealtime more enjoyable.

  • Funny Dog Stories

Dog ownership isn’t all about potty training, behavioral adjustments, and proper feeding routines. It’s about enjoying the company and personality of your pet. Read our funny canine chronicles and join us as we celebrate the good times.

  • Canine Fun Facts

Want to know a little more about that animal taking up half the bed? Our canine fun facts section is full of interesting data about dogs of every breed. We bet you can’t read just one!

Sometimes, you just need to see apicture of an adorable dog to feel happy again. We’ve collected a massive album of cute canine photography for you to peruse at your leisure. ​

  • Dogs in the News

Famous and/or noteworthy canines are all over the news in this country and abroad. Discover what our furry friends are doing, what legislators are up to, and how the global public is reacting to canine activity.

  • Pet Laws and Regulations by State

Stay informed as a contemporary dog owner. Know the rules and regulations of pet ownership for each state. Make traveling with your dog safer, keep your canine content, and avoid potentially damaging legal ramifications by studying our easy-to-read Pet Law table.

How We Care

We want our dogs (and visitors) to feel as loved as they make us feel. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the contents presented here, shoot us an email through the contact page.